A New Lease on Life

If you haven’t been following me for the past 11m or so you probably don’t know my WHOLE story. Or the whole journey I’ve been on. Phew! 2017 was a year. A year of learning, growth, loss and transformation. And I feel like I’m headed into 2018 with even more fire in my belly for truly living MY best life.?
So, that pic on the left, I hate it, BUT…. damn, I’m glad I didn’t delete it. Honestly, without struggle, where’s the story, right?! And shit, in the left pic I was struggling just like so many other women do. Struggling with binge eating after restrictive dieting, which had become this vicious cycle, dealing with major inflammation due to grains, I was always finding excuses to not workout, had justified my wine & drink indulgences as “mommy needs it” and I just was basically treating my body like crap. I was already gluten-free, so I just ate gluten-free junk food, indulged in things like GF pizza and cookies and donut-y treats ALL THE TIME. I loathed water. I was abusing caffeine in coffee form ALL DAY, because it was the ONLY way I could get thru the day.
At some point, perhaps it was that impending 39th birthday (and subsequent 40th birthday I knew was coming), but I literally woke up one day and said, “Enough of this shit.” I’m tired of feeling like shit, looking like shit (my version, of course) and eating like shit, so I’m gonna do this for ME, my health, to fit into all the damn clothes in my closet that I own that currently DO NOT FIT, and because I’m freakin’ worth it. Hallelujah! I was like, “I only get one life, so why the fuck am I living it like this?!” And it was pretty shitty. It’s like I just kept waiting for someone to flip the switch in me. When in reality, I was going to have to do it for myself.
In that right pic, that’s a girl who’s been drinking ALL the water, having ONE coffee a day, who eats all whole foods (think… salmon, grass fed meats, fresh eggs, lots of organic veggies, loads of berries, salads, olive oil, nuts, avocado, sweet potatoes, my whole food-based shake, no alcohol except for an occasional glass of champagne to CELEBRATE life, sometimes dark chocolate, cuz life, and on very rare occasion, a grain-based treat like a GF donut!) and ya know what, I started to WANT to workout. In fact, what started as just a few times a week morphed into I feel so good I want to workout ALL the time. Suddenly, I was kicking my own ass 5-6x a week in our home gym! And OMG, my clothes started to fit again. My “fat jeans” were falling off of me, I had to buy new, smaller jeans. Hell, I wanted to wear jeans!! I even donated a whole pile of clothes that were too big! And it all felt amazing.
Sure, no, not every day was perfect, but there was progress. And I decided in those harder moments when the thoughts of binge eating would creep back in because sometimes life is hard, that I would never quit on myself again. I might have a bad day or a MEH week, but no… I wasn’t going to stop because the life I’m living now feels SOOO amazing compared to where I was a year ago. I feel like a new woman. A mom who has enough energy to keep up with her kids and a housewife who’s got the energy to build her biz, clean her house (who am I kidding, pay her cleaning gal), do laundry (see previous) and chill confidently poolside in her bikini! HELL YES. 
2018 I hope you’re ready because THIS mama has got some GOALS before that big 4-0!!!!  Do you have some goals you’d love to hit before spring break, this summer or heck, just before the year is over?   Use the Contact Me form to msg me today.  I’d love to help you live your best life too.


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