A few new Fall Changes

In Michigan you can always feel when it’s fall.  The air changes.  If you live somewhere with four full season you know what I mean.  It smells like fall.  The leaves start to turn and fall, sweaters and scarves and boots are the new wardrobe staples and running to your nearest cider mill for donuts, cider, hayrides and corn mazes is the only acceptable thing to do on a weekend.  You feel me?!

The change of seasons is also when I love to change some things up around our home too.  I nearly always kick off mid-September with changing up our front porch decor.  I add more pansies, pumpkins, potted kale & huge oversized lanterns.

Next up, by October, is putting up some fall decor.  I can’t say that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Black and orange are not necessarily my favorite colors, so I’m always challenging myself to find decor that not only will my kids enjoy, but that fits with the vibe of our great room.  This is just a fun table to accessories!  It’s the perfect depth and width to make a statement, but not completely overwhelm the room with themed crap.  That’s not my vibe.

With each piece I pick up or out I think, “Do I really love it?!”  and “Does this fit my rustic GLAM vibe?!” and if both questions are a big NO, I don’t keep it or I take it back or just leave it right there on the shelf.

So this table is nothing more than candle holders and candlesticks I already owned mixed with a small apothecary jar, a sparkly glitter pumpkin and a pearl-y bejeweled skull, plus a real marble tombstone peeking out in the back.  Sure, it’s Halloween decor, but it’s not orange & black… YES!

You can find a similar console table HERE and HERE, and I love THIS and THIS
My next update was to our master bedroom.  Don’t get me wrong… I loved our summer bedding, but it was white and white puppies were leaving little dirty paw prints all up and down it.  So for fall and winter I wanted to pick something darker in tone, but still neutral and cozy.  I initially browsed online for a week before deciding to just head into my local Pottery Barn store to browse.  So with pillow shams, existing throw pillows and the fabric swatch from our bed I went shopping!  Let’s face it, if you want to pick out something that day just bring everything with you.  
Within a few minutes of looking I soon realized the duvet cover I had been eyeing online, while lovely, wasn’t right with the tones in our room.  That’s when I spotted the Anton bedding in Gray by Pottery Barn!  It was love at first sight and just imagine me taking over a whole bed in the PB store dressing it up with the duvet cover, shams, bringing in the euro fur shams I brought along (from last season) and my Callisto Home throw pillows just to make sure it was all going to fit my vision.  One store associate asks, “Are you a designer?”  Me, “No, just into decorating my home!”
So without further ado… our newly restyled master bedroom for fall… 
I also loved THIS in Taupe, THIS in Gray Multi, THIS one too and THIS one in Gray!!  In fact, I’m tempted to grab another for January – March, because our Michigan winters are long and changing up looks keeps me busy on freezing cold days.
And I spotted this upholstered bed while browsing online today, so if you’d like a bed like ours without the Arhaus price tag, THIS ONE definitely fits the style bill.   And I get asked non-stop about our birdcage chandelier and I happened across THIS ONE for a similar look.
Happy fall decorating, accessorizing & shopping friends!


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