Christmas with the Kortes’

Me: C’mon in!
You: Oh, should I take my shoes off?
Me:  Not if they make your outfit!  Would you like coffee or tea?  Let’s sit by the fire… and would you like a Gluten-free Christmas cookie?!

That’s Christmas at our house and let me tell you celebrating the holidays in our new home has been amazing!  I got to work decorating right after Thanksgiving.  I knew it was going to take some time.  We needed to move furniture and then erect our new 12′ Christmas tree.  I took me 2 hours to fluff and shape this tree, but once she was up and plugged in… I was in love!

Then I had to get to work decorating our tree… bottom to top on a 10′ ladder where I often wondered “Am I scared of heights?” and “Why did I get a tree this big?”  But in the end, she’s stunning and I’m basically convinced I need to re-create this tree year after year.

It didn’t stop there though… stockings, lanterns, candles, garlands, all the Christmas decor and MORE.  In fact, I ended up with five fabulous Christmas trees around our home.  The 2nd tree was all white and found it’s home in my girl’s perfectly posh playroom and we decorated it up with every Paris-inspired black, white & pale pink ornament we could find.  It was just adorable!  I found the 3rd tree at Home Goods and after having a store employee drag it across the store for me to plug it in and ensure it lit up, I bought it & brought it home.  It’s a flocked tree, sits in a stand and already had some bulbs and berries wired on it, so I just wired on more plus ribbon!  It was just perfect for the space in our sun room.  The 4th tree was our basement Christmas tree, which may have been a favorite of nearly everyone who made the trek downstairs to see it.  It wears a top hat, has a bit of an equestrian vibe and my girls loved it’s classic Christmas feel.  But then, our master bedroom just felt bare.  Neglected.  So I made a quick trip to Kmart (going out of biz sale!) and happened to snag a 7′ pencil tree for a $60 deal, brought it home and decorated it up to coordinate with our bedroom.

At this point I’m fairly certain my husband had thought he was going to have to have me committed for being addicted to Christmas decor.  Almost every inch of our home had a touch of something somewhere.  But in the end, after two weeks of non-stop decorating it was done and we could just ENJOY.  Enjoy it with family and friends and reflect on the blessing of the season.

After these photos were shot and I got proofs I just sat there thinking, “Woah!  We’ve only lived here for six months and we’ve created THIS for Christmas!”  I just felt overcome with gratitude.  It’s a time of year where we do a lot of celebrating, continuing traditions, starting new ones and paying forward our many blessings.  So I hope you will stay and enjoy Christmas with us…

Come on in and enjoy some coffee with me by the fire… 
I think any other tree would have just felt TOO small.  This 12′ beast fit the bill perfectly and while I could have probably done a 14 footer… I’m glad I didn’t have to take my husband’s huge ladder any higher!
To me, Christmas has always been about going a little over the top.  Adding just a little more sparkle, glitter and shine.  
I designed the main floor of our home with a whole “rustic glam” vibe, so I said I was going to do the exact same for Christmas!  Everything purchased for this room was bought with that in mind.
So warm & cozy.
 Ahhhh… symmetry.  Just gets me all giddy.
 Even our sliding barn door got a little touch of Christmas with a rustic wreath.
I almost needed a picture shot at night… this doesn’t quite capture of sparkle & light of this tree.
Our sunroom got a little holiday make-over too.
Christmas red, leopard prints, plaids, cozy throws & velvet.
Little details have my heart.
Candlelight and Christmas trees!


Now imagine it filled with family & friends gathered around the island, because that is ALWAYS where everyone is no matter the party we host.
I do not know if this was totally fire dept approved.  However, the real cedar garland looked & smelled amazing and since it was so high… never was a fire hazard!
So simple, but perhaps one of my favorite holiday touches… swags of cedar garland!
An old wooden tray decked out with loads of greens & fresh winterberry, plus 3 sparkling candleholders was the perfect centerpiece for our table.
Me + Plaid ribbon = Kinda obsessed.
Our back hall most definitely had a very woodsy theme.  
Gimme all the gold & candlelight.
I hated to put away many of these things that were once on my fireplace or console table, so I arranged them on the floor and it was just FABULOUS when all lit at night.
 I think the horses approve.
These orbs!!!  They’re truly meant to be hung, but when I saw them… I just knew I needed one on either side of my fireplace.  I purchase lightweight cement pots to place them on, filled them with floral foam, added fresh greens, then the orb, glass hurricane, candle and VOILA.  
I am in love with how these turned out!
Yes, yes… even our master bedroom had to have a little glow!
Wintery and warm.
The tree reflecting in that mirror with those lanterns… just perfect.
I love my glitter swan… she wears a fur cape.  And leaves glitter all over, everywhere, every year.
Our basement was completely filled with fur, Christmas reds & plaid, cable knits, velvets, glittering golds, chunky knit wools and everything buffalo plaid.
Oh Christmas plaids…. Oh Christmas plaids…. you make my heart so merry.
Cedar garlands wrapped our entire stairway.
Of course I even had to “Christmas-up” my husband’s bar with a few things!
All the little touches make Christmas special to us.
Like glittering reindeer and old santas.
Even our home gym got a little Christmas decor.
Urns & wreath by me.  I LOOOOOVE outdoor decor just as much–I’m a total gardener at heart.
Snowy and serene in December.
An old sled, basket, cozy throw and toss pillows warm up the front porch.
What you do with all of your leftover greens… 
toss ’em in a basket with branches for an effortless look!
Wreaths with big bows hang from wire coat hangers shaped around 
our lanterns on either side of the garage.
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to see you at Christmas next year!

There is no holiday I love more than Christmas because it is a time to give, reflect, be blessed, bless others and share in the joy of Jesus.  So from our family to yours, Merry Christmas and may your New Year bring you bountiful blessings.


  1. Unknown wrote:

    God bless your new beautiful home. Loved, loved, loved all of your decor. Your pictures are gorgeous and you can tell you gushed all over your home sweet home with Christmas spirit and love. Best wishes for another awesome new year!

    Erica Vives ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 1.18.17
  2. Unknown wrote:

    Hi Leslie, I know I've asked you so many questions about your gorgeous home and I appreciate you responding so much!! Your Christmas decor is absolutely beautiful too. Your home just looks so warm and inviting in any season. I just wanted to ask question about the color on your mantle and built in cabinets beside your fireplace. It blends so nicely with your paint color on your walls. Thank you and as always, such a gorgeous home!

    Posted 1.26.17
  3. Leslie wrote:

    Awww. thank you, Erica!

    Posted 1.27.17
  4. Leslie wrote:

    Hi Lisa, thank you so much for the kind comment! The color on the built-in cabinets & mantle are Anew Gray ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 1.27.17
  5. Unknown wrote:

    Simply gorgeous! It must have been stunning at night! I love your coffee table in your main room. Would you share the manufacturer and where you found it? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Posted 1.28.17
  6. Leslie wrote:

    Hi Robin! I ordered it from a local furniture store, however I've seen almost the exact same coffee table on Wayfair!! That's actually where I ended up ordering our console table from in a last minute pinch too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 1.30.17
  7. Unknown wrote:

    BEAUTIFUL Christmas decorations! (Even though I just saw them… Just a bit late :P) Could you tell me where you got those big candle holders (or laterns) on your kitchen island? Thank you!

    Posted 2.15.17
  8. Leslie wrote:

    Hi Joanna! Thank you! And yes, the large candle holders on the kitchen counter were from Home Goods. Totally a great find back in early December!

    Posted 2.15.17
  9. What houseplan is this?

    Posted 5.22.17
  10. Hi Leslie, We are looking to build a home like this with a similar lay to the land in Kelowna, BC Canada and I would love to know where your home plan is from as it is so much like what I would want for our new build.

    Thank you so much for your time and keep up the beautiful decor!


    Posted 9.13.17
  11. Jessica wrote:

    Oh My…your house is absolutely dreamy! I love ALL the special touches in every direction of your home. From the color schemes, to the lighting and even the smell of the candles burning, love. love. love.

    Posted 1.2.18
  12. Tbeni wrote:

    Hi! Your house (and your dedication to fitness) has inspired so many, including me! I was wondering if you know the dimensions of your beams?

    Posted 7.26.18
  13. Unknown wrote:

    I came across this while searching pinterest for house ideas. I love your home and decorating style. We are looking for new home ideas and plans. Do you have a link to your overall floor plan so I could see the layout? I love the openness shown in the pictures above. Thanks.

    Posted 8.23.18
  14. Unknown wrote:

    Hello Leslie i also would like to know what floor plan this is your house is beautiful!

    Posted 8.30.18
  15. Michelle wrote:

    I'm obsessed with your home! Leslie would you share your floorplan?

    Posted 9.9.18
  16. Leslie wrote:

    THANK YOU! And I'm sure you're aware if you're browsing floor plans online that NONE of them are free, so simply sharing my floorpan is not an option. Time, money and man hours went into designing our custom home with our builder and architect to create our vision. Our plans are for sale for $3000 should be interested in purchasing them. Thanks again for the lovely compliment!

    Posted 9.10.18
  17. Unknown wrote:

    HI Leslie. Before considering purchasing, what is the sq ft of your home? Thank you!

    Posted 9.10.18
  18. Leslie wrote:

    6000sq ft. And you bet!

    Posted 9.11.18
  19. RW wrote:

    Your home is beautiful! What are the wall and trim colors in the kitchen and living room?

    Posted 10.6.18
  20. Michelle wrote:

    Oh I completely understand. I would love to purchase if they are right for us. Where can I get more information.

    Posted 10.26.18
  21. Unknown wrote:

    Hello, could you let me know what the square footage is of the family room? Thank you

    Posted 10.26.18
  22. Monica wrote:

    Hello, your home is gorgeous! Could you tell me where you got your curtains in your great/living room and breakfast room? Our home has similar big windows and we would love to get something similar.

    Posted 11.8.18
  23. Leslie wrote:

    Hey Monica, all of our draperies were custom made by a local vendor and workroom. The windows are just too large (tall & wide) to fit what would be sold in a store. I hope that helps and you're able to find someone near you to create something similar. I like the aesthetic for sure, but they're all lined… and living in MI, thru winters, they definitely help the rooms stay warmer when closed at night.

    Posted 11.8.18
  24. Unknown wrote:

    beautifully done thanks for sharing.

    Posted 11.20.18
  25. I have been viewing your online pictures for inspiration! What a beautiful home you have. Thank you for sharing all angles. Happy Holidays!

    Posted 11.23.18
  26. Unknown wrote:

    Hi! We are designing a home also and came across your photos, your house is beautiful! We like the layout of your kitchen/ living room/ front entry way with the basement steps. We notice on other replies that your plans are $3,000.00.. there are a few things that we would like to incorporate in our house and we like the layout of a few rooms. We notice you had mentioned the house is 6,000 sq ft- just so we can figure out if we'd like to purchase the plans- how many sq ft is the first and second floor? and how much is in your garage or basement? If you don't want to tell us ALL that… is the 6,000 all livable? We want to make sure it is something we want to purchase before we make the purchase, once again we love your home! thank you! Carly

    Posted 12.28.18
  27. Unknown wrote:

    Hi, I love your living room! Can I ask the measurements of just the room? It is the perfect size!

    Posted 1.10.19
  28. Leigh wrote:

    Wow, wow, wow!! This is gorgeous!! Well done!

    Posted 1.25.19
  29. Cece wrote:

    I love love love this house. I literally get on pinterest everyday to look at it. A girl can only dream, and this is most definitely my dream home ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 2.6.20
  30. Abby wrote:


    Beautiful home! May I ask what color you used in your great room, kitchen and master? -Abby

    Posted 6.21.20
  31. Renee wrote:

    Hi! I love your home! I understand that you donโ€™t want to post your floor plan but could you just tell me the square footage? Thank you!

    Posted 2.7.21
  32. Joyce Fernandez wrote:

    I love your home. We are building a home and have been wondering where you found the beams. I really want to do something very similar. Would you mind sharing where you got them? I need your help!!?. Thank you so much!
    Joyce Fernandez

    Posted 2.18.21
  33. Alice VanderMeer wrote:

    Your home is absolutely stunning. I am very interested in the floor plan. Is there a possiblity of viewing the layout?
    thank you so very much,

    Posted 1.9.22
  34. Donna wrote:

    Beautiful decorations! What is the name of the house plan?

    Posted 1.12.22
    • Thank you, our home was a custom build.

      Posted 1.12.22
  35. Donna wrote:

    Where did you purchase the orbs?

    Posted 1.16.22

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