The Healthiest Monte Cristo Sandwich

Have you ever had a real deal Monte Cristo sandwich before?  I have!  And it probably goes down in history as one of the most amazing, rich & decadent sandwiches ever, but that also means I eat it never.  That seems so crazy though, because I do like them… there’s just something about turkey & raspberry together, that I decided I would have to remake this sandwich the healthy way.

So here’s my take on a much healthier, clean eating version of a Monte Cristo and yes, it’s even 21 Day Fix approved.  These were a hit with the whole family too!

21 Day Fix Monte Cristo

-1 slice organic whole grain bread (1 yellow)
-organic sliced deli turkey breast (1 red)
-1 thin slice of sharp cheddar cheese (1 blue)
-1 tbsp organic raspberry jam (1/2 purple)
-1tsp organic coconut oil

1. Make your sandwich… slice your whole grain bread in half, top each half with raspberry preserves, layer on your red container of turkey and add your slice of cheese.
2. Warm your non-stick skillet and add 1tsp of coconut oil
3.  Add your sandwich when the coconut oil has melted

4.  Brown one side of your sandwich and then flip until cheese has melted in the middle and sandwich is toasty & warm
5.  Cut in half and serve with a small side of raspberry jam, if you wish!

Enjoy!  I hope you love this sandwich as much as me.


  1. Candace wrote:

    I love this idea!

    Posted 9.24.16

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