My 3-Day Refresh Recap

Last week I did a quick 3-Day Refresh because I had just been feeling off since getting food poisoning almost two weeks prior.  My stomach just wasn’t 100% ever since.  I love the Refresh because it is so simple and I can easily work it into a normal week.  It’s all whole foods based, so it’s not like one of those cleanses that has you drinking weird liquids day & night, never eating any food and dying by day 2 only to binge on burritos and snickers.  To me, that kind of stuff is way too extreme and doesn’t teach real nutrition.  That’s starvation!

So this was my line-up of fresh fruits & veggies last week.  All normal, healthy and easy stuff to prepare!  And the 3-Day Refresh meal plan is easy.  It starts in the morning with a large glass of water, followed by a Shakeology smoothie and fresh fruit.  By mid-morning it’s a swig of Fiber Sweep, which gently scrubs out your digestive track.  And no, you will NOT be running to the bathroom all day with this stuff.  Promise!  For lunch you can choose several options all featuring fresh veggies, fruits and healthy fats along with a Vanilla Fresh shake.  In the afternoon you get more healthy fats and veggies and then follow it up with dinner.  For dinner I usually pick the salad or one of the veggie options along with another Vanilla Fresh shake.  And of course lots of water throughout the day, so as you can see… you’re eating the whole day!  No starving your body, this cleanse is all about nourishing your body!

On the last night of the Refresh I actually made my Vanilla Fresh shake into ice cream just by using less water and way more ice and then blended it up.  It was so good and a nice little treat for a warm summer evening.

And the results!!!  I was down 5.4lbs (in 3 days!!) and over 4″ and 1.25″ of that was just off of my waist.  The 3-Day Refresh isn’t a lifestyle, but it can definitely be a jumpstart into healthier habits.  Whenever I finish the Refresh I’m always reminded how much I loooove fresh fruits & veggies and that reaching for some raspberries or bell pepper slices are so much better than processed food options.

And even when the Refresh is over I’m still craving my veggies and just adding back in more lean proteins and the next day I was still down another pound.  Just proof that healthy eating is the way to real sustainable results and of course the best example you could set for your family!