Making time for me

As moms I think we’re all guilty.  The kids come first.  Our husbands come first.  Dinner comes first.  Dishes come first.  Laundry comes first.  Cleaning the house comes first.  And basically at the end of the day we realize everything else came first, but us and we are left feeling spent with nothing left for ourselves.  It is a bad position to be in.
So for 2015 I decided I would make a lot more pro-me choices!  My time spent reading, working out or hanging with my family was going to come first.  I’ve worked really hard on building a business from home over the last 3.5 years and I feel like now I get to make more pro-me choices than ever before.  I’ve created freedom for my family and this gives us the option to choose more down time, to hire a cleaning person to come more, and for me to stress less.  


I’ve also committed to reading more in 2015.  It is something I often put on the back burner last year, because I was so busy.  I realize now that’s not a very pro-me decision.  And that’s not good.  So I am digging into 26 new books this year.  So here’s book #2.  I can’t wait to “master the money game” for me, my family, my team and my business!